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Hello, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the degree of dificulty removing a MR2 gearbox. I an an experienced engineer and intend to strip and rebuild the gearbox myself if the cost of spares and tooling works out to be cost effective. i would be doing this job in my back yard with only trolly jacks. so, degree of difficulty removing box and ammount of if any special tools? thanks, Mike.

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Might appear to be a strange suggestion but how about buying a workshop manual and reading the section about engine and gearbox removal. It may appear to be easier to ask on a forum but there is nothing like having it in black and white and written by experts.

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Agree with skidpan and further add that I doubt if a repair would be practical. Modern gearboxes tend to need a plethora of specialist tools, which could be why you don't see many gearbox repair specialists around nowadays.

I'd opt for a replacement, probably from a srappy.

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As already stated buy a manual.

For preference I try to use factory lit,

And your going to need bearing seperators,pullers and possibly hydraulics,

Or a frendly shop with access to same.

Taking the box out shouldn't present any problems for an engineer.

Though if doing it on the floor I usually need two jacks and stands.

Toyota MR2 - Gearbox repair - Railroad.

And your going to need bearing seperators,pullers and possibly hydraulics,

And a bearing press with suitable tools for pressing.

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Also have a look on youtube there are some good step by step videos on there although maybe not for your car but its worth a look.


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