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Arranged last week with a Smart Dealer for a test drive of a Smart Forfour earlier today. When I arrived the salesperson says I would have to be on there Insurance. She gave me laptop which had the terms and conditions on the screen. Read this carefully and sign. A full, page of small print which had a clause stating that I would be liable for a excess charge of £5000 in the event.of a accident..

Anyway I refused to sign. I was going on a accompanied Test drive and not hiring the car.So never got to drive the car.

Gone off the thought of purchasing a Smart Forfour now

Smart Forfour - Test Drive - oldroverboy.

Is this a Mercedes thing filtering down.

I remember in the 80's ( along time ago, I know) that a mercedes dealer in Lausanne tried to make a customer pay for a new gearbox when it failed on a test drive, but it was not until MB head office got involved that the dealer backed off.

They can put their products where the sun don't shine after this as far as i am concerned.

Over the years, I hve had lots of test drives without even showing my licence, ( but usually i have turned up in a car..)

I don't mind giving my details for the purposes of a test drive, and have hd lots of test drives just to get freebies too,

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You were right not to sign. I've been selling cars both for a large main dealer and as a home trader for 23 years and I've never had terms like this imposed on demo insurance cover. Walk away.

It's only a Renault Twingo underneath anyway which is a more honest and better value car and I doubt your local Renault dealer would demand you risk £5,000 to take a test drive.
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That's crackers, without at least an option to cover the excess - which frankly, if they want to sell a car, they should pay.

The dealer I use for service always points out the £700 excess on the loan cars, but I have the option of paying a £7 charge to cover the excess.

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Dealer/maker with an overinflated opinion of themselves by the sound of it, don't suppose you're the only one to vote with feet, lets hope many more do exactly the same and another make or dealer with a bit more humility takesthe site over.

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That is mental!, just as well you did actually read the page!.

Go test drive the renault twingo, it is the same car underneath, but cheaper!

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When I take our Accord to the nearest Honda dealer for a service they just give us the keys to an old dog of a 20 year old Accord that is covered in dents etc, but as we only going around the block to get some lunch we don't care!

Over here in France every car has to be insured basic third party as a minimum, so anybody can drive it, as the car is insured not the driver.

Even if a car gets nicked by a thief without a licence or banned it's still insured for third party risks minimum.

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I've test driven plenty of Mercedes and smarts, from different dealerships including a forfour not so long ago.

Never been asked to sign any paperwork for insurance. I suspect someone in the dealership doesn't know what they are doing,

Pity you didn't drive one, ours to date has been a great vehicle. The one I test drove was actually purchased by a friend, but we weren't aware until she turned up at school in it.

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Smart Forfour - Test Drive - jonmac

salesperson checked with head office of this national group and stated it was now company policy nationwide.

Smart Forfour - Test Drive - jonmac

salesperson checked with head office of this national group and stated it was now company policy nationwide.

Smart Forfour - Test Drive - daveyjp
My advice then is to go to another MB franchise who are actually interested in selling cars.

I can understand this policy on the 500 bhp+ stuff MB do, but on a max 110 hp smart they don't deserve any custom and I would name and shame.

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