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There seems to have been a change. When you select a make and model, you see a list of the reviews, but they are no longer colour coded according to the users' opinions. It means that you can no longer see, at a glance, what most users think is a rubbish car or, conversely, a brilliant one. Or is it just me? If not, what's the thinking behind the change?

Users Reviews - frankly

Appears ok I don't think it has changed. Check your display and settings etc.

Users Reviews - John Boy

As far as I can see, nothing has changed on my PC. I use Firefox, but I'm getting the same result in Chrome and IE11. Perhaps I need to be more specific:

Select Reviews/Owner Reviews/Browse by Manufacturer/Dacia/Dacia Duster 2012

That gives you a list of Dacia Owners' Reviews with Dacia Duster 2012 at the top

Click on that and you get the first Duster review in full, followed by a list of the other 25 Duster reviews.

Previously, I could see a coloured square or rectangle to the right of each review, with the colours ranging from red to green in 5 sequences according to the rating given by each user.

Those have gone and at the bottom of the list is a green square with a white 4, partly covering an orange square.

That's not how I remember it yesterday or the day before when I looked up this make and model.

Users Reviews - Slow Eddie

Well, it's not just you, JB. I see what you mean.

Users Reviews - Engineer Andy

It could be some issues related to the recent style/useability changeover of the site as a whole. Best to report it to the IT guy whose name I can never remember (sorry), or at the very least Avant who can pass it on.

Users Reviews - John Boy

I've emailed Kalpesh with a link to this topic.

Users Reviews - Avant

Thank you John - yes, he's the man for IT problems.

Users Reviews - John Boy

Thank you John - yes, he's the man for IT problems.

Indeed and he got back to me quickly and has now sorted it. Your screens may need refreshing if those pages are still not displaying correctly.


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