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I am about to sell my car in few days time and today i saw malfunction light on today, so it goes away when I start the negine but stays just before i start the car so between the lock and start engine position on the key.

I saw some videos on youtube and pressed the break and accellerator and it comes with no error codes.

any other ways of finding error codes or what does the light mean,.

Zafira 1.8 petrol - RobJP

There are plenty of lights that come on when you start the ignition, but then go off after a few seconds, or after the engine has been started.

They do this so that it can be confirmed that the light is working.

If you read the owners handbook, you'd know this.

Zafira 1.8 petrol - Brettsza


Thanks for the message, i will check the handbook once but in my car the lights come on and all other lights except engine oil which i know needs changing, battery again i know needs changing and this new light pops up and stays, others go in about 5 or 10 seconds.

Zafira 1.8 petrol - hardway

I'd say every garage will have a code reader that can tell you why the EML is on.

And I certainly would,'t buy any vehicle that has the lamp on unless it was spares/repair and dirt cheap.


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