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I'm sure this has been asked before and I apologise in advance for my ignorance but please could someone explain why Parker's valuations seem to be so wide of the mark. With all the many extras added to give me a more refined and precise valuation Parkers puts my car at £13,167; I have been offered £10,800 by Audi as Part x and £10,300 by Mini ditto. A single dealer has contacted me through Tootle and offered £9,875 and your site tells me it's value is £9,739 although this was not based on a tailored estimate. Any advice, as always would be really appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Those in the trade will soon tell you the main factors affecting a car's value. One which can be overlooked is where you are. Prices do vary across the country, and some buyers will travel long distances to take advantage of that.

The Parkers price looks like full retail, which will be at least £2K more than what you can expect to get.

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Most optional extras add nothing the the p/x value - some can actually reduce the value.

Dealers p/x offers depend on how much they want your car, or how much they thing others will want it.

Try WeBuyAnyCar - some report low valuations, but others do very well (I did) - after giving them chance to examine the car it will give you a base figure.

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Could you list the full details of your Mini please? Model, engine, gearbox, optional extras, mileage, colour, service history etc etc.
Mini 2014 Autumn - Parkers Valuations - leonora

Thanks for all for responses.

My Mini was registered in September 2014 when I bought it (so only me as owner). It's a manual Cooper, volcanic orange with white roof and has been garaged from new. Add-ons are as follows:

  • Chilli pack,
  • Media Pack XL,
  • Park Assistant Pack,
  • Electric retractable wing mirrors,
  • Heads-up Display,
  • Full leather seats,
  • Heated seats,
  • Dual Auto Air Conditioning,
  • LED headlights and daytime run,
  • Comfort Access (keyless entry),
  • Heated Front Windscreen,
  • Chrome Mirror Caps,
  • Darkened rear glass,
  • Anthracite headlining

Only blemish is some scratches to black wheel arch to the front driver's side - I'm guessing due to an encounter with a bush. Mileage is 5,912 at present. There is a full service history and TLC for another three weeks. Oh, and two sets of keys!

Mini 2014 Autumn - Parkers Valuations - RT

Parkers seems to need more information - engine, number of doors, etc

Mini 2014 Autumn - Parkers Valuations - leonora

Parkers seems to need more information - engine, number of doors, etc

It's a 3 door car and the engine is 1.5. I paid for a Parker's one-day valuation and the adjusted value, after adding the extras, was £13,167 for a part ex and £14,757 from a franchised dealer. After looking on the Mini site I reckon this is rather inflated - more realistic figure is £13,000 or so.

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I'd suggest having a good look on the Mini 'approved used' website.

Having a quick nosey on there, going on 2014 manual petrol Cooper 3 door hatchbacks with less than 20k miles in orange, they range from £9.3k (basic spec) to £15k (fully loaded spec). Your car would be mid-spec, and similar vehicles about £13k on there.

Bear in mind that they are selling cars with a min 1 year warranty, they can offer part-ex, finance, they are all sold under CRA (so if problems, you can reject), and you offer ... well, none of those things.

Your part-ex price of £10.8k doesn't look so bad, after all.

I've no idea if the price you paid for your current car was list, or if you got a decent discount. But bear in mind that discounts of 15% or thereabouts are the norm for a lot of cars (MINI included), so if you aren't getting a decent discount on your new car then it's going to clobber you even more a few years down the line again.

EDIT : I see by your last post you've been on the MINI website to look at prices. Great minds think alike !

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