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I own a Audi A3 Sportback hybrid . Hope I am posting in the right section.

After realizing that I was having issues with the charger ( error e-140 and 470) as is not connecting to the car. this morning the car will turn on but not move at all in any gear.

So, I turn the car on and the needle goes up and a few seconds later goes down to cero, meaning that is not drive ready. I tried any gear and it does not move at all. tried changing all eterno settings and same thing. engine seems to be on since I have to turn off before I leave the car. I checked everything but can't find anything wrong, not symbol lights are on and parking brake off.

any ideas of what to do? or try?

My guess as of now, is that even thought it says the eterno battery is almost full I am thinking there is a misreading somewhere. So, I thought I will unplug the battery to see if the system resets and it works but I am afraid I will screw something up by doing this.

anyone have any idea of what is going on?

thank you so much.

audi A3 sportback hybrid - audi A3 not moving - Falkirk Bairn

A3 Hybrid - must be under 3 yrs old &still in warranty - phone Audi Breakdown.

audi A3 sportback hybrid - audi A3 not moving - elekie&a/c doctor

Unfortunately,this is the downside to owning a hybrid.There is no way you can fix it yourself without the required specialist diagnostics.Never seen one or the equivalent Golf E tron.Not something to mess around with as voltages can be as high as 400v+

audi A3 sportback hybrid - audi A3 not moving - Railroad.

I wouldn't waste your time with your local independent garage either. I would doubt many if any would have the expertise on hybrids to solve your problem. Contact your nearest main dealer and go from there.


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