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Hello. We found a new car on saturday, got accepted for the finance monday and looked at collecting it saturday. We are purchasing from a main dealer so i thought no issues as my wife works for the dealer. Just been informed we may not be able to collect the car saturday as it still has a finance marker against it on hpi and our finance wont pay the dealer until the marker is removed. The finace was settled on 7th august but we have been told it wont clear off the register for 10 days so we now cant get it till 17th. Im not convinced this is right anyone can put me right?

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Many dealers have little cash in their business - premises rented, stock on finance to fill the showroom.

10 days seems a bit long for the finance marker to be removed but believeable - after all it takes 6 working days for a cheque to 100% clear!!

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.... - after all it takes 6 working days for a cheque to 100% clear!!

Of course it doesn't, that's just an age-old excuse for the banks to hold on to your cash a bit longer. Electronic transfers are instantaneous. In fact I recall one I made many years ago which (if the printed timings were to be believed) arrived before it was sent.

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It can take a few days to be taken off once cleared but a call to the finance co concerned to verify it's clear and a request to have the marker removed should speed things up. It's a matter of seconds for them to update the system.

It is quite possible they're waiting on cleared funds though. The dealer may be taking their time to pay or sent payment by cheque which would take the best part of a week to clear.

Either way, don't expect to take delivery until it's all green and you should never accept a car with any outstanding finance showing no matter what story you're told. A few days wait isn't the end of the world and you've chosen an excellent car that's worth waiting for and if it's an approved used car from a Honda main dealer there's little to worry about. Your finance company is just doing the right thing.

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