Bottle jack oil refill - gramar

I have a 1 ½ ton bottle jack that’s been in the garage for 30 years and seen limited use. I found it again yesterday and it still works (not tried under load) and it dawned on me that I have never once changed the oil. There is a diagram on the box which shows a removable rubber plug to allow oil replenishment on the jack body.

Should I change the oil and if so what grade of oil does it need.

Bottle jack oil refill - Galaxy

I topped-up the oil on my hydraulic trolley jack some years ago.

I bought this:

I'm sure there are many other similar products around which would do the same job.

As far as I'm aware you only need to top the oil up on a jack. However, should you wish to change it, assuming you can get the existing oil out, I can't see that would be a problem.

Personally I wouldn't bother - I'd just top it up!

Bottle jack oil refill - gramar
Thanks Galaxy. I buy some soon and just top up.

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