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I have managed to damage my Step Mum's car while moving it to be able to get into their garage. I have no intention of trying to fix this myself as I feel I have done enough lol. I am prepared to try and get the dent out if it saves considerable money though. Any ideas on how much this would cost to fix? And has anyone ever used a service such as Chips Away or am I better going to a dealer/garage? I do not have insurance on this car as it is not mine and am reluctant to move it again just in case. I plan on owning up to the damage when she is back from holiday but obviously would like it to look like nothing ever happened. It is a 2016 Hyundai i10. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hyundai i10 - Bodywork Damage Help! - RobJP

I think that's going to need painting properly, by a accident repair specialist.

Don't go to a dealer - in most cases they just farm the work out to a local independent, and then whack 50% onto the price.

Ask around, facebook, etc. for a good local independent bodyshop who can fix it for you, then go and see them and ask for a quote, explaining that it'll be self-paid rather than an insurance job.

As to the cost ... less than £200, I'd guess. That'd include pulling the dent, repainting the bumper and wing. Though it's impossible to say for definite - if (for example) fixing clips are broken on the inside of the bumper then it might need to be replaced, or plastic welded.

Hyundai i10 - Bodywork Damage Help! - carl233

I agree a few hundred pounds for a reasonable quality repair. Mobile unit such as Chips Away or similar independent would be a good start for quotations. Avoid the main dealer at all costs, they cannot repair all they can do is replace with full price parts and huge labour rates to pay for the shiny showroom all whilst the person doing the work is paid less than a quarter of the labur rate charged.

Hyundai i10 - Bodywork Damage Help! - gordonbennet

I can't see the pic, Photobucket no doubt.

However i agree with the other posters, you need to find, preferably by recommendation, a smaller indy bodyshop, smaller the better, and form a relationship with them, sure as eggs are eggs you'll need their services at various times over the years.

Hyundai i10 - Bodywork Damage Help! - Simon
I can't see the picture to assess the damage but what I can tell you is that you can't get much of a repair for £200. Be prepared for a shock.

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