Toyota Estima - Re Fuel pump Relay - julie parkin

Hi all ive been searching for days for a fuel pump relay Toyota said theyve stopped making them.Ive tried breakers yards auto parts,spare parts ,ebay ive trawled the internet for about 3 days.Ive telephoned everywhere.Ive emailed DENSO not had a reply yet.You name it ive tried everywhere.Is there anyone on here likely to know of anywhere what will sell them please.

Toyota Estima - Re Fuel pump Relay - Wackyracer

Try BBC spares in Hemel Hempstead, they sell spares for Estima's.

Toyota Estima - Re Fuel pump Relay - elekie&a/c doctor

I'm sure if you can't find an exact match relay ,a good auto spark should be able to adapt an alternative device to work with your system.


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