Tracing an owner HJ ? - Dwight Van Driver

Today's DT HJ is asked how to trace the current owner of Jag MKO 200 F but was unable to help.

Faced with the same problem couple years ago and no help from DVLA re my old XR3i that I had owned for 19 years here is what I did;

Go to MOT history which for the Jag reads:

  • Test date 21 July 2016
  • Expiry date 6 August 2017
  • Test Result Pass
  • Odometer reading 690 miles
  • MOT test number 4878 7059 6794

(interesting only did 3 miles from last to current test 21.7.16)

Now contact VOSA and ask them to which Garage Test Cert pad 4878 7059 6794 was issued to. In my case they were a bit reluctant but I told a porkie re possible fraud. They did give me the Garage. I wrote to them and asked them to pass a message to owner to contact me. They did so and owner e mailed me. Result.

Anybody going to vintage/classic car show Bradford on1st August 2017 look out for XR3i F407LFM - used to be mine. Regret unable to attend due to mobility problem.


Tracing an owner HJ ? - skidpan

I bought a new Golf GTi in 1989 and kept it for 7 years and did 113,000 miles in it. About 5 years after I sold it I spotted it in Asda car park and it still looked OK but some muppet had put big bumpers on it and painted other plastic bits white which were peeling very nicely.

Never gave it a thought until late 2015 when I discovered the DVLA MOT and tax site and saw it was still on the road. Posted on various Golf/GTi forums but no reposnse.

Then in February 2016 me and the mrs were sat in the Tesco cafe and what should be parked in the first row but the Golf. Went down and waited about hoping to see the owner who did turn up eventually. Had a good chat, car still looked OK for a 27 year old but needed work and the owner said he did plan to do it when the MOT ran out later in the year. He lived about 6 miles from us. car now on SORN with no MOT so its either dead or being sorted.


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