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IS there any future for diesel cars I have ford focus 1.6 tdci estate 59 plate dpf after recent announcement

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Google Ford 1.6 TDCi and PSA 1.6 HDi engine/turbo failure. This engine is notorious for premature failure and is often referred to as the diesel of doom by regular contributors on this forum. But to answer your question, yes there is a future for diesel cars in the short term but this particular one is best moved on before it costs you a fortune.
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As said. Your engine is a bit notorious for problems. But diesels generally - they'll still be around, in one form or another, for decades yet. HGVs are the 'big' example - it's just impractical to fuel them any other way. But diesel cars will be on the roads for a long time yet.

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I'm at the point of selling it for parts.
Put so much money in it that, at this point where i'm looking for new injectors and turbo, I think its o good ideea to take it apart.

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If you want a cheap reliable diesel and don't mind running an old one the Peugeot 406 is about the best of the bunch. The engine is almost indestructable and good for 200-300k miles. It was the first PSA common rail engine and the simplest. They will do 50 - 60mpg and you can buy them for peanuts, I have two, wouldn't swap them for anything else.

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Whilst some of these 1600 diesel engines give trouble not all do. You only have to consider how many have been fitted in many different brands to realise its probably one of the most widely used engines in recent times.

We had one in 55 plate Focus. Never had a single issue and teh chap that bought it from us had over 6 years trouble free before moving it on at 11 years old. It was always properly serviced using the correct oil which is something not all owners do.

Where I worked we had dozens of cars/vans with the engine over the 11 years I worked there, all did 150,000 miles before being moved on and not one single issue.Our neighbour at the previous house had a couple of cars wityh this engine plus several company vans, again no problems.

But as always never let the whole facts get in the way of a good story.

For the sake of honestly I do think the Kia 1600 diesel is a better engine.

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While I agree that many do run these engines without fault but cases of failure are vastly higher on these than any other Diesel engine in the market at this time. I have a lot of contacts among the local taxi trade and every one of them that's tried to run one has required either major work or engine replacement at very low mileages, one before it hit 60k despite regular servicing. I have a co-worker who had turbo failure on his Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDi at under 60,000 miles again despite frequent oil changes and a neighbour with a Berlingo that required a new engine at 80k.

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I purchased the focus 1..6 tdci with 10,000 miles on the clock it has 22.800 on the clock now I change the oil and filter at 5000mls and use BP U diesel no problems so far it has a coated DPF

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A 2009 diesel with 22,800 miles? Do you mean 228,000? If so that's very impressive for one of these and a good example of how excellent maintenance and good quality fuel will make a big difference to longterm durability.
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Yes 22.800 mls car was a 3 year old mobilty car with 10.000 mls onthe clock when i bought

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Well done. Your attitude to maintenance has certainly paid off. Regular oil changes are vital on these to stop carbon build up but sadly too many are bought with saving money in mind and are thus neglected in the false view they'll save more by not servicing it regularly. I'd certainly buy a car from you. But despite this, the examples I gave before were all regularly maintained too (at least once a year/10k) if not up to your standards.

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Ford focus estate - DIesel cars - SLO76
Sorry, I misread your last post. Thought you said 228k.

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