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Booked a 13 day Italian car hire for the summer holidays back in February. I always use an on-line website that has an 0800 number and is ALWAYS answered by a real person. They also offer a full refund within 48 hours of pick-up with no quibbles.

Just had a quick look at the current prices as I will be going in a fortnights time and managed to swap from a Fial 500L compact to a Ford Grand C-Max midsize (although they are similar sizes the Ford has more bootspace which will be a big bonus) and got a £75 refund in the process.

I suspect the hirers have spare capacity at the moment?

Worth a scan to save a few quid - happy days.

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If you are picking up car from an Italian airport,be warned.Any extras you may want to add will incur state vat and then added airport tax ,which could add another 25%.
Any - Car hire - Italy - nick62

No problem with any extra "hidden" costs with the Internet agent I use thank goodness.

I have probably hired 100+ cars with them over the past 10 years with no hassle.

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Is this the thread where weird Italian laws get broken and the fine only reaches you after several years? Sienna and summat to do with prohibited zones on some days due to eco stuff iirc.

Good luck motoring in Italy. You may need it.

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I recently posted about booking in Dublin, have also found £15 cheaper.. £2.99 a day excessinsurance included..

If you book cancellable/refundable at the best price, there is always the possibility of finding it cheaper.

I do it frequently! cars, parts, travel...everything I can.

Avant forgive..

Use (others are available) Got my car parking at stansted on airport cheaper than off airport with a discount voucher and looking4parking...but beware they add on a small fee, but a good saving all the same.

If I am going to buy ANYTHING online I look for voucher codes.


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