Aston Martin - 7th (or) 11th Heaven - oldroverboy.

Ok, i know it's the DM, but the only things ever left for me at Cowley ouside parked on Horsepath Lane with the keys on a rear wheel were morris 1100s...

Jealous or what!

Aston Martin - 7th (or) 11th Heaven - RobJP

A little mystified asto how some wheel rim damage and 'a few scuffs' are enough to write it off ...

Aston Martin - 7th (or) 11th Heaven - badbusdriver

How would you like it if your new £200k Aston had been repainted due to the damage?, would you accept it?. Bear in mind, these cars are built to order, this example will have been someone's choice of colour/trim.

Plus, it's a completely new Aston, first for donkeys years, and there is quite a demand, and quite a wait for your order. So in order to keep the customers, currently waiting, happy, they are not just going to paint it and flog it to whoever wants it.


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