FIAT Doblo - Fiat 1.3mjet EGT sensor - 3uga


Recently had an error on my car, wich says egt sensor short circuit.

Found the conection to the sensor and got a resistance test. At first 3.5Mohm and slowly rising. From what I can tell, sensor is faulty jut by not holding a stable resistance.

Can anyone tell me what resistance I'm suposed to look for?
At cold, a ford focus 1.6 tdci measures up to 1Mohm (0.954 Mohm) and keeps it stable.
I've heard there are some sensors that go even at 10Mohm at cold.

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FIAT Doblo - Fiat 1.3mjet EGT sensor - Railroad.

3.5 megaohms (3,500,000 ohms) is as near as you can get to open circuit. If your fault code says the circuit is short circuit you should check the wiring. A short circuit should read 0 ohms between the positive side and earth. Don't forget that when checking resistance the component must be out of circuit, in other words disconnected from the system.

FIAT Doblo - Fiat 1.3mjet EGT sensor - hardway

I'd be thinking it would't have a stable "R"

it is a temperature sensor so resistance must vary with the exhaust temp.

FIAT Doblo - Fiat 1.3mjet EGT sensor - 3uga

Resistance was measured on cold engine(not used for 3 days).
EGT sensor starts with resistance 3.5Mohms and slowly climbs up 9, even 11 sometimes. No temperature change was present.


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