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So I've got a new (to me) car and I'm in the 'honeymoon' stage of ownership, so it's going to get a bit of looking after until I get bored of it in a few months.

What polishes and waxes do people use? I've always been an avid user of Autoglym products like their bodywork shampoo conditioner and super resin polish; but I just wondered if there are any better/cheaper alternatives out there?

I've read I shouldn't be using polish too and should use a wax; whats peoples general consensus on that?



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Polish is an abrasive and removes detritus from the paint. Wax is a protective coating.

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Most of the Autogym stuff is good ,if not very good. However, do take a gander at the range of cleaners,polishes etc at Wilkinson's -where there are not only some occasional good deals on other "top" well known marks, but their own brand range is ridiculously cheap and pretty cheeeful!.

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Auto express magazine regularly do tests of car valeting products, have a search on their website.


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