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Hi folks,

Took my Ibiza ST in for a major service and cam belt change yesterday and obviously got the list of recommendations / advisories. I was hoping to get some advise on reading between the lines on what to action and what can wait:

1. Front brake pads 85-90% worn, discs lipped.

2. Rear brake pads 80-85% worn

3. Wishbone brushes cracking - was advised not to be worried about this as its not causing any issues.

4. Brake fluid needs replacing - advised to get this done when get brakes done.

5. TMS bottle expired - I have breakdown cover and have heard murmurings that this stuff isn't a great idea so perhaps not bother replacing?

So my main question is - should I get the brake pads done now and if so, just the front or get both done at the same time? What about the lipped discs - does this mean they need replacing too?

I was in a rush when collecting the car so didn't get chance to ask them but am conscious that, whilst I trust this place to an extent, its in their interests to recommend extra work.

Greatful for any thoughts.

SEAT Ibiza ST - Service actions - advice/opinions - RobJP

Most independent garages will be happy to grind / hammer back the lipping on the discs - depending on how bad it is, of course. A lot cheaper than replacement, and even if they are too bad and need replacing, an independent will probably be a lot cheaper than a main agent.

As to pads - well, again, an indie will probably be considerably cheaper than a dealer.

Brake fluid : did they do a test on it, or do they just go by time. A lot of places just go "Change it every 2 years", when it actually only needs changing once it's absorbed a certain amount of moisture (the boiling point gets lower as it ages, so you get it changed once that has happened). Again, independent probably a lot cheaper than main dealer.

I have no idea what a TMS bottle even is.

Basically, ask them for a price for the jobs. Then go to an independent, and ask their opinion on whether the jobs need doing, and a price for them to be done.

SEAT Ibiza ST - Service actions - advice/opinions - Man without a plan

Thanks for the comments Rob,

My apologies, I thought I mentioned but didn't, this was via an independent VAG specialist.

So would you say at those percentages I should get all of the pads replaced immediately?

Brake fluid - is based on time is my understanding.

TMS = tyre mobility system - the bottle of gunk that fixes a small puncture to get you to the garage.

SEAT Ibiza ST - Service actions - advice/opinions - RobJP

The brake pads aren't absolutely critical to get them done this instant - but yes, within the next month or 2. The last thing you want is for pads to completely wear out - then you start getting metal-on-metal wear, and the discs would then be knackered in very short order.

If you get the brake fluid done at the same time, then it SHOULD be cheaper than getting it done separately.

As to the bottle of goo/gunk, I've always found that the 'recommended' swap point seems to be far more geared towards making money rather than needing it changing. But really it depends on your attitude to risk and the price to get it changed.

If they'll supply you with a new bottle for £10 or £100 may well have a big bearing on your decision !


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