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No individual better personifies Britains booming motor market than Ling Valentine, being the countries possible biggest shifters of cars and selling allegedly £85 million worth of vehicles.

She claims to undercut the competition by 35per cent .

But has anyone any experience of buying from Ling?
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SpamSpamSpam - go away.

Can somebody please delete this rubbish?

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SpamSpamSpam - go away.

Can somebody please delete this rubbish?

No, it isn't spam. Ling doesn't need to spam adverts. She's actually got HAT standard on this site.

under "Car buying and leasing"

Her website is a little bit garish, to say the least.

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I thought Steveieb was a bona fide poster on here anyway.

(Edit - he is indeed. Avant)

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My son has a Nissan Note Acenta manual metallic from Ling, a good example of a bargain opportunity I think.

When he got his last November I think, it was £125.40 p.m. , 10,000 miles, 3+35. Excess mileage is 1.8p/mile

Taking the admin fee into account, it works out at £31.70/week and a total of about £4,900 over 3 years.

That deal is not available now, and it went up to £160 shortly afterwards.

Ling's were very good and kept him informed thoughout. It was delivered to schedule not much more than a week after he started the process.

It will cost him something when it goes back, as it already has a parking ding in it. But that's something that would have been a cost one way or another however he financed it. I suspect the most cost effectve way if dealing with it will be to get it done before it goes back.

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Genuine post.
I lifted the article from this weeks The Week magazine which describes this unusual seller and I was interested to hear from you about your opinions.
She sounds really bizarre from her website
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Yes - It was the website that did it - not exactly subtle is it? Visually disturbing ia all.


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