Fixing buckled and scratched mags - mariaevinne

I am not sure where I read this but is there a company that comes out to your offices and sorts your wheels out for you?

More importantly are they good? I have a buckled rim or 2 and one wheel has a little kerb rash and it would be great to have everything sorted at once.

If not any places you would recommend and how long is your car out of action?

Fixing buckled and scratched mags - gordonbennet

Buckled aloy wheels are usually scrap, chips and scrapes can usually be sorted out.

From the sounds of it your car needs more than the attention of a mobile wheel refinisher unless its a quick spalsh some paint on job to sell the car on, lots of places about who can refurb wheels, google is your friend here, time scale can range from sameday at increased cost up to a whole week turn around, some companies offer an exchange service (subject to your wheels being suitable for refurb).

It might be cheaper and easier for you to source another set of used wheels via the usual auction sites, seeing as two of yours are buckled and most likely scrap anyway, and get the tyres swapped over by your lacal fitting shop.

Fixing buckled and scratched mags - Manatee

What GB said. There are firms that will try to straighten bent rims but they never guarantee to be able to do it (the rim often cracks) and I wouldn't be confident that the result would be true,

By the time you have spent the money to find out, you might as well have bought some second hand or aftermarket replacements.

Fixing buckled and scratched mags - Stanb Sevento

If these truly are what you say they are " mags" dont even think about it. Aluminium maybe just but not magnesium.


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