MOT advice please for single Mum - Mrs.S.B
Hi there,
Need advice am I being ripped off?
My minibus failed it's MOT

Suspension arm ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents ingress of dirt offside front lower (2.4.G.2)

O/S/F Lower arm part £138.33
3.5hrs Labour @£50pr hr £175

Need to book in for work tomorrow. Want to know if it's a fair timescale and price please?

Thank you Tech head Gurus x

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MOT advice please for single Mum - focussed

It always helps the helpers if they know what they are trying to help you with.

Like for instance - What make of minibus? What year? Which engine?

Is the garage that carried out the MOT quoting for the work or is it another garage?

Are they a dealer for that make of minibus?

Lack of this information is probably why you have had no replies.

MOT advice please for single Mum - FP

Focussed, I think you'll find that the OP started another thread after this one, gave more details and got some helpful replies.


MOT advice please for single Mum - focussed

It was actually posted at exactly the same time stamp - 07.34 a little bit odd that?


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