any - Basingstoke madness - barney100

A few years ago a road in Basingstoke aquired humps and cushions against most local peoples wishes and a large petition. A couple of weeks ago the humps etc were removed and the road resurfaced beautifully. Guess what, they are now digging holes in it to put humps etc back in at great expense. This road has always had a good safety record without even before the humps, Why do they waste so much money? Basingstoke council must be one of the most anti motorist councils in the country.

any - Basingstoke madness - gordonbennet

Same as the govt chucking our money, and the £trillions borrowed in our name, about like confetti, you have to vote them out.

any - Basingstoke madness - Andrew-T

Perhaps the road came due for relaying, but you can't dig up a humpy road with big machinery or put humps in during the relaying ?


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