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I have seen several websites offering relatively cheap off street parking (people's driveways, etc.). Does anyone have any knowledge of these, recommendations or opinions? Have to take the car to London (from the Channel Islands) for 3 days and would rather not pay the £72-£120 asked by 'standard' car parks.

Many thanks.
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If your car isnt one that could be attractive to thieves,I would suggest leaving it on the road in some station in Zone 4 and then walking 10 minutes to the station.

Not to be tried if it is attractive as thief material.

Which websites are you looking at and what are the approximate proposed locations ie East London/West London etc?

Or you could use a Heathrow off airport car park and it will usually cost about £7 a day and then get the tube to Central London

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I used Justpark once. It was OK in a secure underground car park beneath flats near Marble Arch. Spaces were very tight but otherwise the service was very straightforward.
Of course one experience is no guarantee but for what its worth I would use it again. Its worth reading the online reviews carefully . For example if you have a large car or security is a particular issue.
As for Heathrow I have used that option too but its quite a palaver taking the tube in. From car door to Central London by tube will probably take at least 90 minutes. However if you were coming from the west anyway then its not such an issue.

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N/a - Parking in London - IRHGSY
Thanks guys. I was looking at justpark and it seemed to be reasonable. I hadn't thought of ai port parking but, as we have to leave London very early, it may not be practical. I am getting the daughter to scout round the area, as well.

Thanks again for the good advice.
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My wife uses justpark quite regularly when down at trade shows in London. Most of the parking is at secured private spaces, so I'd doubt if having a more attractive (to thieves) is really a problem.


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