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Hello all. New to this so not sure if im posting in correct place. Any help greatly appreciated.

Here we go. All started a cuple of weeks ago when the crank pulley broke sending the alternator belt behind pulley and bang. Car stops going. After getting towed home looked and seen pully wheel has totaly came off jammed the belt.

Replaced pully and belt and car would not start. No surprise

After a lot of digging I found 16 broken rockers. Was going to replace rockers but ended up with a glow plug stuck in number one and snapped off. Long story.

Ended up changing head instead with second hand one in good condition.

While I had the head off I cleaned out EGR and throttle body. Split intake manifold and cleaned that out aswell. On doing the manifold I noticed the dreaded swirl flaps where knackered. So I took them out and used the caps off the old flaps to block holes and blocked off egr with blank plate. Resealed everything up and replaced the manifold. All looks good and sealed.

Put everything back together, serviced it at same time. Fuel filters oil ect. Reset timing with vx timing tool.

Time comes to start it up and see if she runs. It eventually chuffed and huffed and sparked into life wit a puff of smoke. Happy days. However ! Here is now my issues.

The car is lacking power and slowly climbs through the revs and under load has a serious lack of power.

I have been around the car for hours and do not see anything out of place. Ive been advised to look at boost pipe and check for cracks in pipes ect but do not see anything. All sensors appear to be working.

Ive went around car with washing up liquid looking for bubbles. Ive also sprayed the car carbon cleaner listning for idle change and nothing. Ive had it on code reader and showing no faults. Launch pro3 diagnostics. Ive tested the actuator on egr valve after cleaning and can hear it clicking inside. Which I assume this rules out broken egr.

Everything was working before issues with crank pulley. The only thing ive done different was removing the swirl flaps altogether.

Ive had it suggested to delete the egr through the ecu and remove the egr and swirls from the main settings. Tell computer to egnore them and relearned values

My question is this. Would removing the swirl flaps and blanking egr cause such issues ? Loss of power / acceleration.

Would ecu not make the corrections to deal with change.?

Will an egr / swirl delete solve the issue. ?

Could it be im looking at the wrong things. ? Something ive missed.

I have the car booked in to do a smoke test tomorrow to look for any small leaks that may not be visible. I just dont want to have to pay the money for delete if this is nothing to do with it. Or may not fix it.

Has anyone else had this experience.

Any suggestion at this stage would be great. Thanks in advance

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Vectra cdti - 150 Need help egr ecu troubles. Pulling hair out - Railroad.

The subject of EGR has been covered in another thread very recently. The answer is yes, blanking the EGR will initiate limp home mode. The ECM expects to see an air flow reduction when it commands the EGR valve to open. If it doesn't then it won't know it has opened. Since the purpose of the EGR is to reduce NOx levels the ECM will do that by reducing engine power. So remove the blank plate and get the EGR valve working properly.


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