2007 Ford Focus. - Faulty 12v socket - argybargy

Hi all

The 12v power socket on my 2007 Ford Focus has stopped working.

Haynes shows the cigar lighter fuse as F109, but the fuses in my passenger footwell fusebox only go from F37 to F86 and the box in the Haynes manual looks totally different to mine. I've found a photo of the correct fusebox online, and alongside it is a forum comment listing the lighter socket as being fuse F39, a 20amp.

Just wondering whether anyone could confirm the correct fuse number before I start pullng fuses out?

Cheers in advance.

2007 Ford Focus. - Faulty 12v socket - argybargy

Since the above I've confirmed that the 12v socket IS fuse number 39 on this model.

I swapped it for the driver's door module fuse, which is also a 20amp, and lo and behold; the power socket worked.

Just got to nip out tomorrow for some fuses coz there are no spares in the box.

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2007 Ford Focus. - Faulty 12v socket - elekie&a/c doctor

There are a few fuse box layouts on these,so the correct fuse is often not easy to identify. I would also check the power socket to make sure no foreign object has fallen inside.Seen loads of these with 5 pence pieces in the bottom,causing a short out. May be an idea for the future to get yourself a test light or digimeter to facilitate any blown fuse location.Ah yes,spare fuses in the fuse box, no such luck on modern cars.

2007 Ford Focus. - Faulty 12v socket - argybargy

The info available regarding the Focus fuse box is confusing, to say the least. The image nearest to my car's fusebox that I found online was for a Focus ST, and mine is the 1.6Ti, so there were no doubt fuses on that board that my car doesn't have.

Thanks for the advice about having test equipment. I tend to keep a USB adaptor in the 12v socket for phone charging, but it was taken out the other day when I used my tyre inflator, and not put back. Yesterday my wife put her phone charging lead in the socket thinking the adaptor was still there, obviously without result, but even when we replaced the adaptor there was no power. So I don't know whether what she did caused it to short out.


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