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We're driving to France next month on our jollydays. My breakdown cover with Kia is UK only, so I need to sort out some cover for whilst we're away. Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences of companies; good or bad?

Many thanks.

European Breakdown Cover - Theophilus

My Toyota breakdown cover includes European cover so I haven't any recent first-hand experience to guide you (in years past I used Green Flag, but that was some time ago) ... but my first thought would be to suggest you ask for a quote from your Kia insurer to add European cover for the duration of your travels.

European Breakdown Cover - concrete

Check your bank account benefits. Our Nationwide account covers car and caravan for pan European travel. Also our Volvo comes with European cover as standard, so we are fortunate. It may be you can upgrade your cover with Kia for a small premium. I have had cover in the past from the AA and RAC but luckily never had to test their services. Just peace of mind really. Good luck and enjoy your trip, but watch the speed limits!!!!!!

Cheers Concrete

European Breakdown Cover - Big John

I'd second the Nationwide Flex Plus account which covers European wide breakdown cover (very comprehensive) , travel insurance (inc covering my wife who has had the big C in the past) , mobile phone insurance, electrical goods extra year insurance and you are able to use cashpoint abroad with no charge and the "business" exchange rate of the day (much better than the tourist rate). You also get 3% interest up to £2500

Costs £10 / month but with a joint account it covers either of you driving any car or someone else in two cars (one car for each account holder) and if you keep the balance over £2500 you'd get over £6/month back in interest!

Does it work :-

  • My son tested the breakdown out on Christmas eve 2015 after parking my Octavia up for a few days with the lights on - got him going within 30mins of the phone call
  • My son also tested the mobile phone insurance after dropping his phone and smashing the screen
  • I'd recommended this to a friend at work - who tested it out in France with alternator failure

So yes, in my eyes a bargain

As well as speed limits (as of this year you'll get a letter in the post!) be careful of the following:-

  • Properly stop for a couple of seconds at stop signs
  • Make sure you headlights are converted (mine is a lever)
  • You may need a CritAir sticker
  • Make sure your satnav does NOT have French speed cameras on them (Zone de danger OK) - this is a very serious offence now
  • Ensure tyres on each axle (front or rear) are of the same sort/tread pattern
  • You need a hi vis vest per person accessible without leaving the car (ie not in the boot)

I also always have a widget so I can bypass the worst of the queues at the autoroute toll booths

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European Breakdown Cover - catsdad
Last time I took the car to Spain my car was still under warranty with European cover.
However the cover was (wholly reasonably) only equivalent to the UK cover. So for example "relay" type cover in the event of a major breakdown was for the immediate journey to one destination. OK thats the emergency taken care of but if you want to continue with holiday travel before repairs are complete, its at your own expense. As is getting back to your car when its repared.

I took out additional holiday travel cover (via Brittany Ferries) that ensured the holiday would continue in the event of a major breakdown. I regard it a as similar to my health cover. I wouldn't rely on EHIC alone and always buy full health insurance.

Other manufacturers may provide more cover but I would be surprised if they would provide a full holiday support service as standard.

Of course most of us never actually call on these sevices and if we do most repairs will be quick. .I prefer peace of mind however.

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European Breakdown Cover - DieselBoy

Thanks to all.

Changing bank account seems an extreme method to get cover, but thanks for the input! Kia didn't seem to want to answer the telephone today, and me being the impatient sort, wanted to deal with it whilst thinking about it - so I've gone with the RAC at £38-odd for full recovery with repatriation and accommodation etc etc. I could've got cheaper but with an unknown name.

Thanks for the driving tips too. Seems I'll be using the speed limiter for the first time ever!

Thanks again.


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