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Might be a silly question, but was is the advantage of dedicated electrics when fitting a tow bar? Never had them on my mondeo, and the fitting place wants another 150 quid off me to fit them. So I was wondering what they do exactly as ive never had them before.

Thanks, Chris

Ford smax - dedicated towing electrics - Ian D
The car's bulb failure warning system will work correctly and the rear reversing sensors will be disabled when you select reverse, plus the dedicated electrics will be plug and play, rather than the bypass relays that require more crude cutting/stripping/connections
Ford smax - dedicated towing electrics - elekie&a/c doctor
Depends what they mean by dedicated.Is this a by-pass relay as suggested or a more involved installation to original factory spec where not only is the lighting system is controlled but also the esp system is adapted when the trailer is connected to the socket.
Ford smax - dedicated towing electrics - Cjtykes

Good question, and not one i have the answer to, ill have to go back and ask them. Id also like know know, as ive never had rear sensonsors before, is how come some people seem to have towbars fitted and have no issues with it setting the sensors off and spome people do?

All it said in the email was this;

Thank you for your e-mail.

The price for a fixed flange towbar with single 7pin universal electrics is £250.00 including VAT and fully fitted at home or place of work.

For 7 pin dedicated electrics the cost would be a further £150.00

We fit A1, Witter and Westfalia towbars which are fully guaranteed.

Please note that if your car has parking sensors and you get a fixed towbar, it may interfere with the sensors so we advise to go for a detachable tow bar. If your vehicle is still under a manufacturers Guarantee, we advise that you go for the vehicle dedicated electrics.

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It depends on the relative position of towbar and sensors - but in most cases the towbar doesn't affect the sensors - many, probably most, people who tow trailers, caravans, etc find that the trailer, etc sets the sensors off when reversing.

Personally, I never had an issue with the rear sensors going off if I selected reverse when the caravan was attached because - a) I spend very little time reversing and b) it's good to get a reminder you've got a 7m trailer behind the car!

Ford smax - dedicated towing electrics - Cjtykes

Haha yea. Can't say I would be reversing either. It's only a 5 foot camping trailer that I'm towing, I had a flange towbar on my mondeo but that didn't have rear sensors. I read somewhere, maybe on here, that it was more the position of the electric sockets that set the sensors off rather than the towbar, and I have seen plenty of smaxs with flange towbars fitted. So who knows. Any smax owners on here that could say either way?

Ford smax - dedicated towing electrics - Ian D
What I meant to say above is with the dedicated electrics, the car detects when the trailer is on the back of the car and disables the reversing sensors, when the trailer is not connected the reversing sensors should work fine, even with the towball there. Note that the car will need coding if you fit dedicated electrics, £40ish at a main dealer or your towbar company may have the kit to do it as part of the price hopefully

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