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Recently i have been given the chance to purchase a rover 623 gsi 1994 with 30,000 miles on the clock.That some family friends are in need of getting rid off. The car has lay in a garage since 2009 when it went for its last mot. My question is are rover parts hard to get? are there any specialist websites or dealers?

I plan to drive the car quite reguarlly as mine has just given up the ghost and the rover seems very solid.

Obviously it will need some work to get it back on the road, but what about, what would have been dealer parts?

Any help much appreciated,

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This was one of Rovers better cars ,based on the similar Honda Accord. Generally very reliable .Anything other than regular mechanical parts are very scarce.I would definitley consider getting the cam belt replaced.If it fails,it will be goodbye engine.Put the car in for an mot to check for any underside corrosion.Worn suspension components are expensive to replace.

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The 623 is as close to Honda as the 600 series got - it uses a Honda engine so very related to the Accord of that era.

Join one of the specialist Rover forum who will have good knowledge where to source specific parts.

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These were one of the best cars Rover ever made. Essentially a Honda Accord with a bit of extra class. Parts are available for most things but as with most older cars body panels and trim is hard to come by but anyone with a mass produced motor from the 80's or 90's even Fords and Vauxhalls will have the same problem. As car number plummet manufacturers stop making parts for them anyway this would be no different had Rover still been here.

Agree totally on t/belt, I'd change it and the water pump plus get it fully serviced before running it. Also thoroughly check any rubber pipework and the tyres. Rubber has a finite lifespan despite the low mileage and anything over 10yrs old will likely be disintegrating.

It's not going to be a particularly cheap option. Don't think from memory the t/belt is a big job on these but you're probably looking at around £300 including water pump plus maybe another £150 on a service and check over. Brake pipes may be rotten, discs too plus calippers could be seized or sticky after such a long time laid up. To top it all they're greedy b*****s, a manual will average high 20's and an auto closer to 25.

But despite the negatives they're tough, elegant looking, comfortable and certainly worthy of saving.
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Change the brake fluid. It'll likely have absorbed a lot of water since 2009, and it might never have been done.

If the drained stuff looks very rusty I'd personally strip the calipers. In fact I'd probably do it anyway, though I'd be reluctant to pay someone else to do it.


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