Any so equipped - Clutch Cable Correction - edlithgow

Never looked at my clutch cable properly. Though I'd vaguely noted that it seemed a bit out of alignment, it seemed to be working OK and never got to the top of my "do list".

Ooer. Not much free play (which has probably accelerated clutch wear) and the mis-alignment has resulted in it sawing through the side of the (pot-metal?) outer cable end.



I'll adjust the tension and try and rig some sort of sleeve/asymmetric grommet to correct the alignment.

While I'm on it, what would be the most suitable lubricant.?

Possibilities (that I already have) might be various oils, silicon spray, spray/standard grease, wax, a combination of the above, or leave it dry.

As far as I can tell the cable (or at least the bit I can see) isn't nylon sheathed, so that probably contra-indicates silicon spray.

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Any so equipped - Clutch Cable Correction - Big John

Any clue as to which car?

Re Cable clutch - some cars haven't taken well to the "conversion" to RHD for the UK market especially as it quite often has to pass over the exhaust downpipe. I used to lubricate with oil and then grease but usually after removing the cable - although I've since seen techniques involoving surounding the clutch cable at one end (disconnected) with a larger plastic pipe and jubilee clip and filling with lubricant. If it is as bad as you've described however then replace it!

I must admit most cars I've had for some time have had hydraulic clutches

PS when driving abroad- I used to carry a spare clutch cable as RHD unique spares would not be available on the continent

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Any so equipped - Clutch Cable Correction - edlithgow

Its a 1986 Daihatsu Skywing, quite like a G11 Charade, though the clutch cable seems to be different.

Its LHD so exhaust heat isn't an issue.

Cable (and clutch) replacement is an option if I can get the parts, but I'll try and adjust / fix it first.

If using oil is OK I've got some skinny full synthetic SM stuff I don't have a use for. (I use 15/40 SJ in the engine)

I'm thinking synthetic oil might be less likely to congeal inside the cable and make it sticky. I'll try raising the end and letting it drain in under gravity.

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Any so equipped - Clutch Cable Correction - edlithgow

Grades in, so time to fiddle with the car, which I'll need to move house soon.

Put some short pieces of split plastic tubing inside the end of the cable sheath, oiled it, and did a wee Spanish Windlass thing using a chopstick to pull it into a better line.

I have several chopsticks doing mechanical duties on this car now. Quite ethnic.


Put quite a lot of slack in the clutch cable. Perhaps over did it (certainly feels odd) but it was almost certainly too tight before, which may have caused damage. From a short test drive, gear change seems OK (apart from a bit of a crunch going into reverse which may be the high idle.

There's a brief squeal, not VERY noticable yet, at the upper end of the acceleration range in each gear, which I think is new and I suppose could be impending clutch failure, though havn't seen any obvious sign of slipping yet.


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