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Does anybody know what tdv is?, if you compare a A4 1.9 115 05 reg, with the same 56 reg the latter one is...tdv, but both are euro 4, the earlier one is 154 k/gm, latter is 152 k/gm.

With just 2 k/gm difference, that cannot be a DPF on the latter?

Can anybody shed any light on this.


a4 - audi 1.9 tdv - skidpan

Does anybody know what tdv is?,

Its a spelling mistake. All diesel VAG cars are TDi's and have been since the mis 90's.

a4 - audi 1.9 tdv - Joseph Holt

It is not a spelling mistake,and i do know what tdi is, there is just 2 K/GM difference between tdv 115ps than just 115ps.

a4 - audi 1.9 tdv - badbusdriver

I seem to remember reading something similar a while ago. A tdv is a particulate trap if memory serves, so yes, DPF, or possibly an early 'version' of.

a4 - audi 1.9 tdv - Ian D
I think TDV stands for Technology Demonstator Vehicle which was Audis terminology
for a DPF when they started fitting DPFs to develop the technology

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