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Just had this car serviced by a local independent. They have sercviced all my cars to a high standard for over 10 years now. Wouldn't dream of goinfg anywhere else. Unfortunately, they can't turn the service light off.

They have two diagnostics systems, have just spent £1000 on software updates and neither of them can turn off the service light. So far I have been unable to find anyone outside of the main dealer network who can do this.

I thought manufacturers had been forced to stop this sort of thing. ie forcing customers to have main dealer servicing. My local Suzuki dealer has an awful reputation so I am reluctant to make a special trip there to pay them just to turn the service light off.

Is it not time to close this loophole as well?

Suzuki SX4 Scross - Suzuki service light - Ethan Edwards

Tried this?

Or this may be mentioned in your Owners manual, or you could phone the dealer and ask how they reset it. I've found many Dealers Service receptionists are quite chatty and you can learn a lot from them.

Suzuki SX4 Scross - Suzuki service light - thegreenman

Thanks but no luck.

suzuki say it can only be done with their service tool. service receptionist offered to do it FOC but when I took the car in he was overuled and a they insisted on charging £20. At this oint my car was in the workshop and ready to be reset. On principle I told them to stuff it;

wish I'd just paid the £20 now, but I hate being trapped into main dealer servicing.

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You're absolutely right. If you have a moment, try writing to Suzuki GB and ask what their policy is. You could also complain about the hillock-rhymer who overruled the helpful service receptionist.

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Learn something new on here every day. I wasn't aware you couldn't turn off the service light on these without handing the dealer my hard earned. Might explain the crippling depreciation on these. Dealers will walk away or bid accordingly at auction if there are added costs and complications like this. Very shortsighted Suzuki.

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