Ford - Radio - Wayne Walker

Can somebody help me get radio code for v044192 thanks

Ford - Radio - Galaxy

Sorry but nobody on this forum can do Ford "V" codes.

Ford Main Dealer or one of the online services, e.g. Ebay, who should be able to provide your Keycode for a small fee.

Ford - Radio - Engineer Andy

What is it with Fords and radio codes? How often do we see people write in asking for them, compared to other makes - I cannot remember the last time someone posted about the code for any other make of car. Am I missing something as to why this is the case?

Perhaps we should run a pool as to how many requests we get each week or month of this type - the winner gets a prize?

Ford - Radio - jc2

What's the prize-a Ford radio?

Ford - Radio - Engineer Andy

I hope not - you wouldn't have the code to be able to use it.

Ford - Radio - Cris_on_the_gas

If it so easy to get a code for a Ford radio why do they have them.

Are these radios stolen or the owner can't be bothered to look in the handbook ?

Ford - Radio - RobJP

These radios are mostly in 2000-2010 cars. The original card which had the radio code is long gone.

People are sometimes reluctant to use sites like pumapeople - even though it's free, they're dubious and wondering where the catch is.

People see on here lots of threads, answered with codes, all for free, over a long period of time. That creates a level of trust. So they ask on here.

Ford - Radio - Galaxy

Handbooks get mixed up in dealerships and radios in cars go wrong so are changed.

There's no guarantee the radio installed in a car now is the radio which was fitted at the time of manufacture.

Cards which contain the Keycodes get lost.

Plus everything else that RobJP has said!

Ford - Radio - Gibbo_Wirral

A few years ago there was an urban myth going round that Ford radios had something in them that could be used to get free Sky TV, and a fair amount were stolen as a result, ergo now no longer the original radio in that car.

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Ford - Radio - elekie&a/c doctor

Theft of radios from cars is long gone.With the introduction of electronic keyless/go/entry,it is easier to steal the whole car!

Ford - Radio - Engineer Andy

Theft of radios from cars is long gone.With the introduction of electronic keyless/go/entry,it is easier to steal the whole car!

Indeed - thieves just burgle your home (many people leave their keys in a convenient spot near the front door) and drive the car away as if it were their own, no problems. Better to get better security on your home and to hide away keys, well away from doors and windows.

Anyhoo - still doesn't explain why 99% of the code enquiries are for Fords. My old mid 90s Micra and my Mazda3 have them, and I presume most cars have some kind of access code for the ICE systems that is needed when you are changing the battery or making significant major to the settings.

Still, it doesn't beat BT and their 'really secure' entry code system a few years back (hopefully changed now) on their telephone exchange equipment rooms, which were mostly a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4, and often had the code scrawled on the wall next to the mechanical keypad in case you forgot. Class!

Ford - Radio - jc2

Not only access to SKY but another urban myth was "eradicating codes by freezing"-at one time,Ford radios were fitted at PDI because so many were being stolen from transporters and trains during delivery.


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