Grasstrack Racer - autumnboy

Making an Anti-roll bar for my Grasstrack Racer.

The anti-roll bar will be approx. 400mm long with arms each end.

Worked out the amount of rotation/twist would be about 15 degree's.

Would a solid bar or seamless tube be best suited to rotate/twist and back to its natrual state.

Grasstrack Racer - RobJP

If you don't know, and can't calculate the forces involved, then get it made and fitted (to proper mounting points) by a professional.

Bodge it together yourself, and if you've got it wrong and you roll the thing, you die.

Grasstrack Racer - galileo

400mm seems short for an anti-roll bar, especially if you expect it to twist 15 degrees.

As Rob says, it needs proper calculation to get dimensions and material specification right, can't use just any old bit of steel for these.


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