Good manners - hillman

I was taught, when coming down a hill, to give way to vehicles coming up. Commercial vehicles used to not have much power and were at a disadvantage on hills. Now do vehicles have so much more powerful engines that it doesn't matter any more ?

Good manners - badbusdriver

I would do this anyway, regardless of whether it was a car, van, bus or truck. As an ex bus driver, and with truck driving Father and Brother, i have heard plenty of stories. Plus, as much as trucks have much more power these days, it is still going to be more awkward for a fully loaded one to get going again.

But sadly, good manners on the roads these days are very much conspicuous by their absence!

Good manners - gordonbennet

The unwritten rule of the road i was a taught before i started driving, 'give way to uphill traffic', when the country was a better place.

As for lorries having more powerful engines (though still around 10bhp per gvw ton in many cases), well like modern cars the move is to smaller engines heavily turbocharged to get enough power out of them, and just like cars with small engines getting them moving can be a slow frustrating process, not helped by the automated manual boxes now fitted to the vast majority with their slow response and gearchange times...fine on the motorway maintaining speed not so good at junctions or when sheer guts is required such as dead hill starts, where traction can also be a serious problem.

Actually Hillman, given the same weights i'd gladly swap any of the lorries i've driven over the last ten years for any of my 80's machines, needed to be driven not just steered but better working tools overall.

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