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Hi guys im after a petrol hatchback , budget of 3k max ideally mpg towards the 40mpg with a bit of power 100bhp plus. I was looking at civics 06 but mileage are pretty high. so ideally 60/70k mileage, 06/07 onwards, 1,4 plus and reliability is key.


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Mazda 3

hyundai i30

kia cee'd

toyota corolla

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Yep, as above but I'd add in a Mk II Ford Focus with the Mazda 1.8 petrol. Won't do 40mpg unless you drive like a nun but a hoot to drive and pretty bulletproof. The Mazda 3 is great but the 1.6 isn't a barnstormer (perfectly adequate for an old fuddy like me) and the 2.0 Sport is a fair bit thirstier.

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