Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007 - Ford Fiesta off centre steering - Ryan Collins

Hi there,

I'm here to pick all of your brains and hopefully we can figure out whats wrong with my little first motor.

While driving to maintain my car going in a straight line my steering wheel is having to be held approx 10 degrees to the right. If you position the steering wheel to go straight. You end up going left.

I've recently done a little bit of work to the car, a major service and most important, the brakes. I'm a young engineering student hence undertook the work myself. The discs and pads on the front have been changed, cleaned up the guide pins and lubricated. Cleaned up the callipers a little bit too, because why not. She's my pride and joy.

I'm not sure if it was straight after the work that this occurred, however It was close. I may have also bashed the wheel in an underground car park in London. Anyway I thought, I shall get the alignment checked. So I headed to kwik fit for a check (it had the alignment done when I had 4 new tyres just before xmas). We got it on the machine, quite interested and a little obsessed I observed with eagle eyes. The hunter system spat out all green with the steering wheel dead straight. With no money spent I come home a little confused. Having had the brakes apart since, and re-bleed the system it gone beyond my knowledge. When spinning the wheels by hand, I do believe the left one to be dragging slightly, maybe I'm being a little anal. When I go pretty slow in a straight line, everything seems to be fine, I brake dead straight! Which I will confirm again and post a reply.

So I'm here to get some help;

• The calliper? The old brakes were almost down to the metal, they were even on both sides, thinking that the piston may have partially rusted/rubber broken when retracting the piston. However wouldn't this cause the brakes to drag left?

• Collapsed brake hose? Just putting it out there, with the power of my eyes all seems well.

• Suspension - Could the strut and springs be shot? I'm not a huge fan of bouncing on the car, however some advice on a visual inspection would be helpful. Tie-rod maybe?

• Tyres - practically brand new and stupidly expensive continental sport tyres, all with correct pressures and wearing evenly (until now anyway). Change the front to over just to check too with no luck.

• Re aligning the actual steering wheel? I'm sure that would just cause more issues.

I've had the car for just over a year now, and the steering has always been perfect. So realistically I'm hoping it's the calliper as they're cheap and easy enough to do.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend, shame it isn't another bank holiday. I shall continue to post updates in the case that someday this could be of help to others.

- Ryan

Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007 - Ford Fiesta off centre steering - galileo

Was the wheel central after the previous alignment? A common reason for the steering wheel to be 'off ' to one side is that lazy people doing alignment do all the indicated adjustment on one track rod instead of half the adjustment on each side.

Had this more than once at national chain tyre shops.


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