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Hi, I need some advice on what to do about my Megane. I need to sell / trade due to it not having air conditioning as my daughter has sensory issues with how hot it gets in the summer. It is in perfect condition mechanically and has really low mileage (26,000) as it used to be my grandads and I've only had it for about 18 months. Problem is my grandad was still driving well in to his 80's and he's knocked it about a fair bit. A large dent on drivers door, scratches on wing mirrors, bad scrapes along bumper etc. I want to get a good price so I can buy a decent replacement so I need to either get the body work sorted and then sell for a decent price or sell it for cheaper and do nothing about the body work. One dealer said they would only give about 100 quid part ex because of the bodywork, I told them to b***** off. If the cosmetics were OK I'd sell it for around 1,500 - 2000 but I have no idea how much it's likely to cost to fix up. The only other option is to have air con put in the car but I expect that'll cost more than the car itself!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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While it is worth more than £100 there's not a lot of money in a ten year old Renault Megane, even one with low mileage so it won't be worth the cost of repairing.

Assuming it has a long Mot, has a decent service history and no real faults but slightly tatty you could advertise it at £995 and take the arm off the first person to offer more than £600. Even if it was perfect it wouldn't fetch as much as you think in a private sale. They just weren't great cars and the public and trade alike don't like them. They're regarded as being more trouble than they're worth.

As for having air con retrofitted I'd imagine that would be hugely costly and wholly unrealistic. Trouble you'll have if you want to find another cheap car to replace this would be that 90% of sub £2,000 motors do not have functioning air con. If you find one that does it's regarded as a bonus rather than an expectation.
Renault Megane 07 reg - Selling advice needed - SteVee

It sounds like the Megane has to go; you will get most money by selling privately. The low mileage will appeal to some. You then need to find a car which had good air-con initially, even if its since failed. Cars after about 2013 may be MUCH more expensive to fix, due to the different refrigerant.
You need to find a model with air-con that suits your daughter's needs - will she be in the back seats ? a/c can be very ineffective in some cars. Good Luck with the search, hopefully other contributors will be able to recommend cars with good a/c, possibly for back seat passengers.


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