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I've a 2013 Passat estate, rear fog light not working, yet theres no "bulb failure" warning light on dash. When activating the switch the dash light shows as if its on.

I know its in the boot lid cluster, but does anyone know what type of bulb it actually is ? I cant get any info on it

2013 VW Passat Estate - - Fog Light - elekie&a/c doctor

On many modern cars,there is no dedicated rear fog light. When rear fog is selected on the switch,the intensity of an existing tail light is increased.I presume there is only one rear fog to the o/side of the car. Also,is there a tow-bar fitted.?If there is a seperate bulb,I can't remember the type.

2013 VW Passat Estate - - Fog Light - Stanb Sevento

Although your Passat uses the Can Bus system not all lights are monitored so dont necessarily show a lamp failure. Not saying that is what your problem is but its a possibility. Ive replaced a few of my interior lights with non Can Bus LEDs with no effect.


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