Honda Cr-V 2.2 i-DTEC EX - High Mileage? - Desk Pilot

Hi, I am considering buying a 2010 Honda CR-V as above. it has 108000 miles on it with a dealer service history (last service at 93000 miles). It is up for £8,999.

Looking at online reviews and comments, this model seems generally reliable but are there any maintenance issues looming that could be expensive to fix, bearing in mind the mileage?

It's a big car with a lot of gadgets to potentially go wrong. Opinions gratefully received!

Honda Cr-V 2.2 i-DTEC EX - High Mileage? - SLO76
Despite Honda's reputation there's plenty to go wrong at this age and mileage. Turbo failure, EGR problems, clogged DPF, knackered injectors, clutch and DMF problems are all fairly common. Sadly as with most complex modern turbo diesels they suffer plenty of woe as they age.

Do you really need the diesel? Do you do enough mileage to suit a DPF equipped car? Do you really need all the gadgets on the EX? If not then I'd suggest spending a bit more on a next gen 2.0 petrol. It's almost as good on fuel as the older 2.2 diesel yet there's none of the expensive worries. Auto Trader:

If you simply must have the 2.2 diesel, maybe for towing then either spend the extra and buy a low mileage example with full main dealer history or buy an older 2.2 CDTi which has no DPF unlike the 2.2 DTEC. This engine was never designed to take it and retrofitted emissions technology like this rarely lasts well. The later 1.6 DTEC seems fine so far and is amazingly economical but you'll need more money and it's 2wd only unless you're spending £20k or so.
Honda Cr-V 2.2 i-DTEC EX - High Mileage? - Desk Pilot

I really appreciate your advice on this, thank you. The car has been dealer maintained and clearly it hasn't been off the road much but I take your points. I have checked with a local Honda dealer and they have several much lower mileage examples for £2k-£3k more. I will probably bite the financial bullet on that. I really want the towing capability and the large flatbed boot space.

Honda Cr-V 2.2 i-DTEC EX - High Mileage? - SLO76
They're generally good news, I have one myself, a pre facelift Mk IV 1.6 DTEC SE-T. Safe, well made and easy to sell on as long as it's not too heavy in the miles. You'll probably find the newer car will recoup much of that extra outlay when you come to sell while this will be challenging with well into six figures. Dealers know the diesels are not as bombproof as the rep suggests and hit higher mileage examples quite hard on trade in. They expect a big margin to offset any risks with heavy mileage SUV's.

There's plenty of late model Mk III's around at main dealers with sub 50k mileages and a bit of spec for less than £11k. The ES is a good compromise as the EX tends to command a premium largely for the leather seats which unless looked after age badly. Auto Trader:

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