2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Nezza
Hello everyone. I'm after a bit of help if possible. Supposed to be going away on Monday so checking the car over today I topped up the coolant. I then got distracted and left the cap off. You know what is coming, yes I drove off then realised as it fell from under the car. I have managed to retrieve it but the pressure relief part is missing so I now need a new cap.

I have checked all retailers I can think of, and no one is open until Tuesday, which stops our holiday on Monday. Halfords do not seem to stock them. Anyone know of any car parts suppliers who are likely to be open before Monday and who could deliver or allow pickup. Based in West Yorkshire.

Any help is appreciated because currently I'm not seeing any options and her indoors will have to be informed soon. :-(
2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - RobJP

I think you're out of luck. The AA or other recue organisation might be able to help you, but I can't imagine anyone else will be open until Tuesday morning.

2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Nezza
Ok. Thanks Rob for taking the time to reply.
2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Ian D
Do you know anyone with a similar Galaxy or maybe another Ford which may have the same cap who is not using their car and can lend you it? The Fordpartsuk website may tell you if the cap is common to other Fords
2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Galaxy

I would suggest either a scrapyard or small independent parts supplier. Small stores might not be subject to the Easter opening hours restrictions to the same degree as larger ones are.

Edit.....................I've just checked and Euro Car Parts are open, for limited hours, on Easter Monday!

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2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Nezza
Just had the AA out. Unfortunately they do not carry spares or have access to them this weekend. The mechanic did know someone who works at a local car parts store who has confirmed they are open at 10am so fingers crossed they have one in stock. He do go over and beyond his duties by going home to lend me the one off his Ford for the weekend but it did not fit. I have to say a very fast response with it taking 9 minutes from ringing for them to arrive. Must be a record.

Thanks for all the responses, will keep you posted.
2011 Ford Galaxy - 24hr Part suppliers - Nezza
Sorted thankfully. Bits For Cars in Liversedge are open today from 10am. Got the part and a good price too. Shame I had to own up to her indoors but all sorted.

Thanks everyone.

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