Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - Richie Boro

Hi i have a 2003 citroen relay 2.2 hdi. Its the 8valve peugeot engine. Since owning it the van has felt like the timing is retarded. Problem I have is the flywheel does not have a timing hole. It appears to be an aftermarket job. Various guides on internet do not help. Can anyone advise if the pistons are TDC or level when timing. Even if they are x degrees btdc etc I can work with that using a dti.

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Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - hardway

Injector timing on these and other Hdi's is controlled via the ECU from signal generated from crank/cam so not really adjustable.

fairly sure Timing on the crank/ cam is set up at TDC as when in doubt I usually do as you sugest and DTI it.

Bearinf in mind this is a french engine so #1 is at the gearbox end!!

Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - Railroad.

Valve timing is the respective positions of the crankshaft and camshaft. On many PSA engines the camshaft pulley is keyed to the camshaft, and locked into position for timing purposes by an 8mm pin. An M8 bolt or screw should do the job perfectly well. The crankshaft is locked by a pin through the crankcase into the flywheel accessed from behind the starter motor IIRC. It's a bit awkward to get at though. With both shafts locked and with the cambelt correctly tensioned the timing should be spot on.

Fuel injection timing is not adjustable on any common rail diesel engine. The pump is driven by the engine but is not timed to it. Injection timing is controlled by the ECM.

Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - Richie Boro

Injector timing is from the camshaft sensor. My concern is the camshaft is not quite in synch with the crankshaft as the aftermarket flywhell does not have the timing hole...or at least not in the right place. I have seen it before when a 2.2 has a 2.0 flywheel. The 2.2 times from a hole in the back of the block above the driveshaft. 2.0 times behind the starter.

I will try at tdc and see what it feels like. Remember either crankshaft end is at tdc for dti purposes. Just the camshaft that is backwards.

Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - hardway


But a quick check on cam/crank sync with Citroen "Lexia" diagnostics would help.

Citroen relay 2003 - 2.2 hdi timing issues - Railroad.

Injection timing doesn't only come from the camshaft sensor. It's one of a few sensors that provides the ECM with input information, along with the coolant temperature, crankshaft speed and position, throttle position, mass air flow and turbo boost pressure. With the ECM knowing engine temperature, speed, load, position and the driver's throttle input it can calculate the precise timing point to suit all conditions. Also there are three injection phases on a common rail. First is pre-injection where a small amount of fuel is injected before TDC to reduce knock. Then there's the main injection phase, followed by an after injection phase.


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