Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - H E
Bought my car around 2 months ago, its a 16 plate fiesta ecoboost and had done around 2000 miles when I bought it. Have now done around 2200 miles in it, so decided to check fluid levels. The oil is showing it way over the max, like 10-12mm! Am I being stupid here and missing something? I checked it 4 times when cold and on level ground. Im now concerned I have done some damage to the engine. I would take it back to the ford dealer that I bought it from but they are 60 miles away.
And input would be great, cheers
Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - diddy1234

check your handbook. some cars state that the reliable oil level can only be checked half an hour after the engine has been running.

Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - bathtub tom

My (main dealer serviced) always shows the oil over MAX by about 10-20mm after three services. Doesn't seem to have done it any harm - so far. It's a petrol.

Is yours a diesel?

Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - JEREMYH

do it about 10 times over and over again it may be that oil gathers in the dip stick barrel on switch off

If it still does it go in the workshop and give them a specsavers leflet!

Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - concrete

Worth asking them to check the oil for contamination. If fuel is somehow leaking into the sump then eventually the engine will run on its own sump oil, scarey!! Otherwise some coolant fluid could be getting in there. A check for contaminants is the very least the dealer could do. Worth the trip back there, after you have booked it in. Cheers Concrete

Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - skidpan

Most manufacturers seem to use the run the engine to normal temp, park on level ground, turn off and check after 5 minutes method these days. If you check after the car has stood overnight it will always show as overfilled.

I normally do the manuacturers check when I get a new car and then do a check after an overnight park up and compare. I find it so much more convenient to check the oil first thing before setting off and providing you are using the same method to the same mark you will have no issues.

Fiesta Ecoboost 2016 - Oil over max - John F

Overfilling engines with oil is bad for them. Our X reg 1.6Zetec Focus handbook says 'Never fill above MAX mark', probably for a very good reason. Its capacity is 4.25litres.

When I change the oil and filter, usually in summertime, I pour off 1litre from a 5l container and put in the rest. This brings the level nicely between the MAX and MIN mark. By winter, it is nearing the MIN mark and there it stays because the less oil, the quicker the engine warms up. I only top it up with 500mls when it is actually at the MIN mark. At 120,000 it is requiring three such top-ups between changes, which are done every 10- 12,000m or so, irrespective of time (could be up to 2yrs as it doesn't do 12,000m a year) so the engine is still in very good condition.

So take it back to the garage and tell them to do it right.


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