17 Plate March deals - daveyK_UK

I get the impression from my travels Vauxhall have set its dealer network the most ambitious sales targets this month, there seems to be good deals on most of the range.

Likewise good deals on certain vehicles for other manufacturers.

Nissan seem keen to get rid of the last of the current shape Micra's

It appears Renault have a stack of Clio's to shift.

Likewise Fiat need to move on lots of 500 and 500X's

Ford dealers falling over themselves to get rid of Fiesta's

Be interesting in the 2nd week of April when the pre reg last day of the month registration figures come out.

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17 Plate March deals - Dogfuzz

I suspect that's because in these dodgy economic times people are at last waking up to the fact that a new car or even a nearly new car--whether bought with cash or a PCP is a heck of a lot of dosh.

17 Plate March deals - daveyjp
I was in a smaller Merc dealer last week and they had done 167 sales, new and used in March. By today it will be close to 200.
17 Plate March deals - Avant

Good for them - that must surely be people wanting a 17-plate rather than avoiding increased VED. If you can afford a new Mercedes, a few hundred pounds extra a year is a drop in the ocean.

17 Plate March deals - daveyK_UK

Waiting for the lights to change outside my local Vauxhall dealer, the showroom was busy and plenty of people walking around the used car lot.

Be interesting to see which manufacturer went big on registrations today, presume it will be Fiat and Ford.

17 Plate March deals - tim10597

No doubt there will be a lot of pre-reg cars at the end of March. People will spend a lot of money to avoid paying higher vehicle excise duty rates. But will the new rates really slow down car sales for the rest of the year? I can't see it personally. As more people move towards monthly payment for their cars, the total purchase price become less important and people buy a car for £xx per month.

One of the 31st March registrations will be ours though, wife has opted out of her company car scheme, but wants peace of mind of a newer car. Combine that with deposit allowances, 0% finance and a good deal from the dealer etc and the monthly cost worked out less than a 6 month old identical car. Not the cheapest form of motoring, granted.

There will be some canny people out there taking advantage of end of quarter targets and getting a good deal on new cars.

17 Plate March deals - daveyK_UK

Any way to find out which manufacturers compelted the most registrations on the last day of March?

Im assuming it was Vauxhall again by the number of 17 plates on autotrader?


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