Rover 75 Club SE Tourer 2.0 V6 - Transmission Lurch? - Keith1402

Rover 75 Club SE Tourer 2.0 V6 - 2001, 67,000 miles.

When taking foot of the accelerator in any gear, the whole car lurches front to back.

Changing down, letting clutch out, produces same effect.

Changing up through the gears has similar effect.

Clutch has been recently changed as have lower engine mount and gearbox mount.

Any thoughts?

Rover 75 Club SE Tourer 2.0 V6 - Transmission Lurch? - YG2007

From memory these have a throttle cable. I would check that this is free to move both to open and close. We have seen these cables stick usually because they have been kinked when other work is done under the bonnet and they are moved out of the way. The cable basically sticks and then jumps as the retrun spring on the throttle body overcomes the resistance causing the lurch effect. Check the linear movement of the cable at the throttle body on open and clsoed throttle. If it is the case a new throttle cable is the solution.

Might be your problem


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