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I have question regarding driving test for hgv, I almost sure that answer is yes, but Can we use right lane on roundabout to go straight if there is queue of traffic like on this picture:


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If it's as busy as you suggest, then you wouldn't be able to fit a HGV down the right, and maneuver around the standing cars on your left, and the roundabout centre section on your right. So the question is a waste of time.

I suggest you READ the highway code. It details a virtually identical roundabout, showing what you should (or should not) be doing.

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Damian, this is one of several questions you've asked on here about HGVs and roundabouts - all of which an instructor should have been able to advise you on.

We're happy to help as far as we can (although only a few are professional HGV drivers), so maybe you should try a different instructor. The first one shouldn't have let you take the test if you were unsure about what to do in these situations.

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Nice representation of trees, btw.

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I have no idea of how they are teaching thesedays, when I did my HGV training a few decades ago we spent the first day in a class room being told all about junctions, approach speeds, gears we should be approaching in, positioning of the vehicle etc. etc.

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HGV instructors in the UK don't have to qualify as instructors, apart from having an HGV licence, so it doesn't surprise me that this guy hasn't been taught properly.

Not getting at HGV drivers here you understand, but instruction is a lot different to driving.

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I did my PSV licence a couple of years ago on a week long course and they did just essentially throw us the keys and send us out on the road in pairs with one instructor. Of course they were constantly teaching on the go but it was about getting as much time behind the wheel as possible. The fella I was teamed up with was from Ghana and the lad did struggle a bit with the Glasga accent. Drove with no mechanical sympathy at all, boot on the floor all the time while the poor thing was constantly kicking down. Nice lad, ex British army but a driver he ain't. He failed and I passed. Never drove a bus since...
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Damian without intending to cause offence how much driving experience do you have? If not that much it may be worth clocking up some mileage doing van deliveries - earn as you gain experience.


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