Scirocco GT - Alloy refurb/powder/paint - Josh93
So I'm currently driving a 2010 Scirocco GT with the standard 19" alloys. I've had a bit of an incident where I had to swerve to avoid a car and ended up beached (kind of) on the pavement (central reservation kind of) and I've done some damage to the alloys. Anyway long story short I don't think it matters about damaging the inside of the alloys but one is visibly scuffed and 1 or 2 are showing signs of bubbling/peeling slightly anyway so I'm thinking of getting them powdered black at the same time as I get the wheels refurbished.

Does anyone have any input towards what I'm planning to do and also can anyone recommend a good wheel shop to me that's nearby, I'm in Brighton.

Thanks a lot
Scirocco GT - Alloy refurb/powder/paint - Josh93
Can anybody help?

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