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Hi all, i am currently in the process of becoming a self employed mechanic, i have my premises in place and am in the stage of deciding which company to purchase my garage equipment from, this has been a long term dream of mine as i really hate overbearing bosses and managers and love the idea of being my own boss so with this in mind i began to save up my hard earned ten years ago and now have the finances in place to go for it.

I have spent the last few months looking at various UK suppliers and have allmost decided on these guys as the discount offered blows away the competition in terms of price, but although price is a concern after sales service is paramount.

So i suppose my question is this has anyone had any dealings with this company good or bad i would like to hear them prior to handing over almost 60k which may not be my life savings but is certainly the last ten years if i get it wrong i would be gutted so PLEASE guys if you know of them or have heard about them let me know.

Thanks in advance

Jimmy Hamilton

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Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - RobJP

Well, Companies house tells you that it is a new firm - 12 months old - with no accounts yet published.

The 2 directors are also the only directors of 'SEO 530 ltd', a 'web portals' business, which, according to the last set of accounts, has total assets of £70, and each director has loaned SEO530 a total of £403.

The directors do not appear to have held other posts any other with other companies.

It should be noted that the garage equipment website is hosted by 'SEO530', it says so at the bottom of the webpage - SEO530 has a different address to GEO, where a total of 37 companies are registered.

The company address for GEO given is the registered address - this is basically a maildrop at (usually) an accountant's office. No business working address is given

Also note that the GEO twitter feed has been set up, but has never posted - it was set up in November 2016.

All in all, it looks like a company that doesn't really trade.

The phrase 'cheap for a reason' comes to mind. I'd want to speak to other satisfied customers before putting money their way.

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - Wackyracer

It's the OP's first ever post and just happens to be a link to a website selling garage equipment. Free advert alert I think.

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - RobJP

Well, if the person is genuine, then they've (hopefully) seen some useful information.

If it was someone seeking free advertising, then they've really screwed up. Because their company doesn't have any track record, neither do the directors. And now, the information is on here, available to anyone without having to go throught the companies house website.

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - Avant

Thanks for looking it up, Rob, and for the comments, in view of which I'll leave this one up.

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - concrete

I would have thought that an experienced mechanic would know exactly which type and brand of equipment he requires. Just the same as other trades he should know which is quality and value and fit for its intended purpose. Seems a little naive to be asking advice on this forum. However the benefit of the doubt remains.

Cheers Concrete

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - gordonbennet

If it was an attempt at free advertising, and i suspect itis, then it has shot yon potential freeloader straight in the foot thanks to RobJP's report.

I would have thought someone setting themselves up like this would be checking out the usual auction and sale sites for used equipment to get their business established.

Even a former kerbside cowboy like me knows which lifting ramps and trolley jacks to buy, your very life might depend on such knowledge.

Starting up as a self employed garage owner advice - Jimmy Hamilton

Thanks for the input guys but it would seem that the question was misunderstood, i wasnt asking how long they had been trading because hey everybody starts somewhere, was looking to see if anyone had bought from them and if so what is the after sales like anyway all irrelevant now as my order had been placed and i am pleased to say that all of my equipment arrived and was installed by their engineers in good time and manner.

All in all a pleasant experience so far but i will keep you updated over the coming months.


Jimmy H.


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