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This is my first post on this site.

Have now gone semi retired and looking to change my VW Golf TDI 1.9. Its 9 yrs old this summer with currently 59k on the clock. However i'm very aware of its age and concerned that I may have a large bill to pay sometime soon. Timing belt replaced last year and currently doing about 6-7k miles per yr. I've grown attached to the car after purchasing it at one year old but it's now time to move it on.

I have thought about Personal Leasing another VW Golf perhaps a Ford Focus or maybe even an Audi 3 or would I be better purchasing? Really cant make up my mind.

Would appreciate opinions/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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Personally, given the way VW Group has treated UK diesel buyers, I wouldnt give them my toe nail clippings. Six months back I looked at a Golf R, no sat nav, and they wanted £600 extra. No price negotiation, so I walked. VW has been trying tempting offers, like two free services (and would you actually get both?) if you go with their PCP plan,which may be OK for some.

Focus could be OK, but there have been problems - see car by car.

What could be problematical is if you lease and a year in the car starts being problematical, you've past the point of rejection and could be stuck with it until the lease expires.The big Q is if it was a VW how fair the dealer and VW would be. But if bought with a loan, you have the option of trading it in.

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There are folk who would bite your arm off for a 1.9 tdi with such low mileage! If you've serviced it regularly as it sounds, it should be good for another 100,000 miles. I wouldn't expect too much trouble from the motor itself, although the DMF and turbo just might catch you out if you're unlucky. However, the rest of the car may start showing signs of age, with electrical gremlins, possible door leaks, suspension bushes, wheel bearings etc. I have a similar quandry with my 85000 mile 9 year old Octavia tdi, though I have a lot of gear/transmission whine which you probably don't have!

If you don't mind the odd repair bill and a bit of hassle, it'll be much cheaper to keep another 2 or 3 years, making the most of negligible depreciation. As for its replacement, if you're keeping a long time, look at Japanese and /or Korean petrols with long warranty and good reliability reputation.

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If you want a new car purely for the pleasure of it then by all means have a new car.

Your present car is one of the good ones, if it was down to me i'd keep it serviced above and beyond, and run it for years yet, maybe treat it to a good half life intensive maintenance day at a VW specialist and let him go right through it replacing and refurbing anything that looks to be worn, full brake overhaul, gearbox oil change etc.

VW Golf TDI - Personal Lease or Purchase - Stanb Sevento

Hi jambo 51. At 6-7K a year I've got to question the wisdom of a TDi, unless its all long trips. The petrol 1.4 L will astonish you if you have not tried one, and do similar mpg to your 1.9 TDi. There are loads of pre reg and discounted new cars around at the moment, eg 2016 1.4 TSi zero miles £12000 or £189 for 4 years, or at the upper end a new 1.4 (150) GT £19500 £269/ month 58.9 mpg combined. Lots of choice. If you dont do big miles these look good without the emissions problems lurking in the background. New mK 7.5 is going on sale at the moment as well with a new engine and uprated trim.

Buy or PCP its only you that can know your priorities, but do your sums for both. My preference is to buy and pay the £500 for the 5 year manufacturers warranty.

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I agree with Stanb - if you decide on a VW Group car, the petrol 1.4 TSI engine ios the one to go for. We have this in my wife's Audi A1 and it uses slightly less fuel than my diesel Volvo.

Whether you buy outright (cash or bank loan) or go for leasing or PCP, look carefully at where the good deals are. The SEAT Leon is cheaper to buy; there should be good deala on the run-out current Golf, and the Audi A3 isn't that much more expensive than the Golf and holds its valiue better. The A3 is the one I perwonally would choose.

The Focus won't hold its value as well, but there should be big discounts available. If you're keeping the car for a long time, there are doubts about the reliability of the1.0 petrol engine.

If you priority is reliability and long life rather than something that is exciting to drive, then look at a Toyota: the Auris is the nearest equivalent in size to the Golf.

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Sticking with current Golf would be best option.
Other than that go for a Leon with 1.4 Tsi engine, you can drive it like a diesel and you can have a bit of fun too. 0-60 in 7.8 secs and 50+mpg easily achievable.
Go for a one or two year old Leon and pay almost half what you would for a new Golf.
I got a 4mth old FR with 300 miles on the clock with 5k off list price, downside? - its white, but I'm getting used to it and it doesn't show scratches or stone chips!
Oh and comes with sat nav, auto LED lights, auto wipers, dimming mirror and s great sound system.

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