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Hey all, new user here. I've got a Ford Focus st 2 2016 model with only 2300 miles on the clock in which I've own from new for the past year. In that year is been in the garage nearly 9 times! First due to the steering wheel being angled while going straight, then it was recalled for software update and they couldn't complete it so had to go back there 2 weeks later, after that I've had one rather big issue. This issue I've been back to Ford 5 times and on the 28th is my 6th!

The gearbox / clutch.

So I went to them as I couldn't select reverse gear smoothly. There always felt to be like something in the way, I could press and pump the cluch and nothing would change you had to force it into gear to get it to go in, after if you left the clutch peddle pressed you could slot straight back in although release it and try again, you're back at the first stage. Ford have put a new clutch on my car, and have added something last week yet this has made it worst. Now it feels It's also no disengaging reverse when going into first! They are trying to do something else next week, but just curious if anyone on here would know of any ideas why it's happening ?


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