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I have just bought a very pretty Jag S type 2000 for a grand. 1000 miles later, the gearbox light comes on intrmittently, mostly when accelerating uphill. I have not found any forums fot a manual S Type here, so am starting a new thread. The wretched light has now gone out again I am currently in Paris and have been quoted a grand for a fluid change at the Jag garage. This is due to French mechanics perfectionism and love of a job well done (at our expense ha ha) and include the price of a new seal somewhere or other. Or they are taking the p***. So, how much longer have I got before the gearbox packs it in? I would like to give it to my local (Hastings) garage, which give me entire satisfaction every time.

Ta for any advice.

jaguar s type 2000 - jag s type manual - Peter D

Does it have a Dip stick and have you checked the leval. Regards Peter

jaguar s type 2000 - jag s type manual - Mark Manners

Wow Peter that was a quick reply, thanks! I have no idea :) Can the box be accessed under the bonnet?

I dont have a manual.



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Gearbox warning light for a manual transmission?? Don't think so. Do you mean engine malfunction light? (yellow)

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I'm just wondering if there is some confusion regarding the word 'manual'.

Do you mean the car has a manual gearbox or do you mean you are looking for a manual for the car (you've used both terms).

I agree that a car fitted with a manual gearbox is highly unlikely to show a fault light on the dash but an automatic one would probably do so if faulty.

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I'm wondering if it's actually the engine management light. It's often mistaken for a gearbox symbol.

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I suppose the critical thing is whether it is driving right regardless of the warning light.

Assuming it is the gearbox malfunciton light you probably need to get it code read to find out if the issue is electrical, maybe the torque convertor, maybe slipping gears etc.

The bad news is that assuming this ia a V6, S-Types of this era use a Ford 5-speed auto gearbox which hasn't the best reputation for longevity. You could be looking at a relatively expensive replacement or overhaul to fix it properly.


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