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I currently drive a Yaris Hybrid (2015) and I admit I do really liek the car, the car is currently on PCP finance and we owe about £1000 more then the car is worth, so are in negative equity. Obviously this wouldn't be an issue if my other half hadn't changed jobs.

She is going from 13 miles on a bus to 50 miles (Manchester to Sheffield) in a car. She currently has a 2013 Mazda 2 1.33. The car has no finance on it but it now obviously out of warranty etc.

We have 3 options with regards to her new commute, basically the new commute will cost her about £10 a day in fuel (Yaris), £12-13 in the Mazda.

1) let her use the Yaris, its better mpg but not ideal due to type fo travel,

2) Use the Mazda which has a worse mpg

3) Replace 1 car with a diesel due to the distance travelled, but if so which car to replace and which to buy (one still in warranty?)?

She will be doing nearly 30K a year when taking in the extra non-commuting miles.

Any advice is appreciated.

New Car? Commute Change - SkodaIan

I'd say use the Mazda, and keep it until it doesn't work any more. With that sort of usage, with regular servicing it will probably last to at least 150000 miles, possibly more. If she keeps the same job, in 5 years time you'll have a Mazda with about 180k miles on, and a Yaris with say 40000 which would be good for another few years, to then be used as the long commute car.

If she uses the Yaris, in five years time you'll have a Yaris with about 150k miles on (worth nothing) and a nine year old Mazda (also worth nothing) and likely to need to replace both at the same time.

New Car? Commute Change - tourantass
Hi, knowing that drive is an absolute nightmare anyday of the week, I would have a look at if your good lady could do the commute by train.
New Car? Commute Change - SmegsterXV

The job is for initially for 2 years, and due to where we live (virtually on the border of the peaks already) the commute isn't// shouldn't be as bad as you think, as she won't be going near the M67 or anything.

A monthly pass for the train is £350 a month!

So wreck the Mazda is the concensus, im sure she'll be happy with that as it puts her commute costs up and isn't as nice to drive but I know where you are coming from.

New Car? Commute Change - tourantass
Ah that makes it a bit easier, my four kids went to Sheffield uni and two have settled around Sheffield, so we are well used to the drive there, one of the reasons we now have an automatic.
New Car? Commute Change - SmegsterXV

My only thought was if the Yaris could be replaced for a similar cost monthly as it is now, for a Diesel then it would be a realistic option given the milage which would be accrued on the car. The Mazda would become my car for my shorter commute and be run until its dead, the "new" car would be replaced after a few years.

Personally, I wouldn't be wanting to drive either the Yaris or the Mazda for 55 miles there and abck each day, I don't think either offer a comfortable enough ride and the Mazda doesn't have much guts in my opinion. But I didn't get a job so far away!

We'll be getting a full size spare for the Mazda if its going to be used.

New Car? Commute Change - RichardW

Is that 50 miles each way? I guess so, £13 is about 11 litres, gives about 40 MPG. Whilst the train might be £350 / month, the petrol alone adds up to £260, so you aren't going to be far off time you have added in the additional servicing and tyres it will get through. A diesel at 55 mpg (probably you would get more if you went for the same sort of power output) would save about £60-£70 a month. I'd be looking to see what sort of no-cost to change deal I could get on the Mazda for a diesel, or an Auris hybrid or something.

New Car? Commute Change - SmegsterXV

Yeah 50-55 miles each way.

Trains require more then just the cost as well to consider, e.g getting the bus to the train station every day, so another £10 a week or similar. The added travel time of getting to the train station (about 45mins to an hour). Hence it got discounted so quickly, costs more and takes way longer to do.

The Mazda is worth about 4k apaprently in current condition.

New Car? Commute Change - Ethan Edwards

I had a 62 plate Yaris Hybrid and was driving 35 miles a day each way. Was no problem at all.

Passed it on at 3years old with over 50K on the clock. Best car I have ever owned. Comfy well equipped quiet and mega cheap to run. Sorry to see it go.

New Car? Commute Change - badbusdriver

I'm not sure your fuel calculations are accurate regarding the difference between the yaris and mazda. I dont think the hybrid system in the yaris would offer much, if any, advantage doing that sort of mileage. Once battery power has been used up in the yaris, i would expect the mazda to actually be more economical. Also, as the mazda is a very light car, it will go easier on its tyres, plus wear and tear on steering and suspension components is going to be less. I would agree with what has already been mentioned, have your wife keep using the mazda.

New Car? Commute Change - Ethan Edwards

Not true. The Yaris was delivering 67mpg with little bother and a lot of that was on the A12 at speed. If the mazda can do that then I'd be surprised.

New Car? Commute Change - SLO76
I'd keep the wee Mazda until it drops. They're very robust wee cars and a nice wee drive compared to most plus you'll lose a lot more money piling that mileage on the more valuable Yaris thus killing any fuel saving.

The economy on supermini diesels is often pretty disappointing compared to official figures. Our Polo 1.2 TDi which was bought for a daily commute to Glasgow is averaging 54mpg (less than our Honda CRV!) and really not all that much better than the wee Mazda would do driven well. Plus there's no timing belt, turbocharger, DPF or DMF to worry about on the wee Mazda... keep it.

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New Car? Commute Change - SLO76
Note to self... stop using the word wee all the time.
New Car? Commute Change - Avant

You're Scottish, SLO, so you're entitled to!

I agree - plenty of good reasons for doing the commute in the Mazda.

- The Yaris hybrid probably won't use any less fuel if the driving is mostly out of town.

- You like the Yaris, so drive it yourself.

- It's a petrol Mazda, so unlike the diesel it should be reliable.

- You have negative equity in the Yaris, so you'll struggle to get a good deal if you sell it.

- She may not like the job, so don't make any big decisions until she's sure she does.

- If she does like the job, she can start saving for something more comfortable, say a Volvo V40. And you keep the Yaris!

New Car? Commute Change - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

That commute will be very long and tiring and stressful and possibly dangerous in the poorer weather. But try it and see how you get on.

My nephew does that commute and leaves his car at a suburban station on the outskirts of Sheffield. He can work on the train but admittedly he gets an early start.

New Car? Commute Change - Bromptonaut

Agree with GWS, no way I'd want to be doing double daily transpennine in all weathers, other people's accidents etc.

New Car? Commute Change - daveyK_UK

Your yaris hybrid should exceed 40mpg

New Car? Commute Change - Ethan Edwards

OK I have actual real world experience of driving a Yaris Hybrid. Commuting 35m a day each way. A lot on the A12 at speed.

But hey ignore where I posted the actual mpg and just make wild speculations that are simply wrong.

Like I said expect around 67mpg using supermarket petrol.


New Car? Commute Change - SmegsterXV

Your replying to a random post by someone stating ti will get over 40mpg, no one even disputed what you said. Ignoring you getting offended for no reason, I can pretty much guarantee that we won't get 67mpg out of the Yaris Hybrid going Manchester to Sheffield because its a hill.

The decision to do the commute isn't mine to make, it's hers, and it is a 2 year fixed term contract, and she will be commuting. Her current commute is 13 miles (not even) but she leaves work at about 4:30pm and usually gets home between 6pm and 6:30pm on a bus. So its actually quicker (as 90% of the tiem the road will be fine), she also has flexi-time pretty much.

Its specialised work and we wouldn't have even considered it if she didn't know she would like the job.

I suggested she got a 4 wheel drive Fiat Panda by winter, and she wasn't impressed!

New Car? Commute Change - galileo

Just curious to know which route she will use, Woodhead / Snake Pass or other? Although this winter has been exceptionally mild I know there were a couple of closures due to snow on those roads.

Both Hadfield and Glossop are often congested too, good job she will only have to suffer the commute for 2 years.

New Car? Commute Change - skidpan

Manchester City Centre to Sheffield City Centre is only about 40 miles via both the Snake and Woodhead.

If you already live on the edge of the Peak I cannot see your wifes commute being 50 to 55 miles each way.

Suggest you check the distances, the commute will be cheaper than you think.


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